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  • IntroductionBahria Garden City Location
  • Developers of Bahria Garden City
  • Features and Amenities of Bahria Garden
  • Bahria Garden City Nearby Landmarks
  • Bahria Garden City Plots for Sale
  • Reasons to invest in Bahria Garden City
    • Location
    • High ROI
    • Eco-friendly Environment
    • Best Amenities
    • Safe and Secure Community
    • Advanced Infrastructure
    • Highrise Lifestyle
  • Conclusion

Bahria Garden City is a top-notch gated community located at a prime location in Islamabad. It spreads over 2992 Kanal area with residential and commercial projects. This community offers a pleasant fusion of modern living preferences, ranging from luxurious homes and vast villas to spacious apartments surrounded by beautiful greeneries.

Why invest in bahria town

Bahria Garden City, Islamabad

Moreover, it offers long-term investment plans as well as short-term investment plans to buyers and investors. Several Real Estate Companies are investing in Bahria Garden City. It is because of the location and secured investment opportunity. Besides homes and villas, many developers are building High-rise projects. Some residential and commercial projects offer short-term and long-term investment opportunities.


This is an out-class project in Bahria Town Rawalpindi Islamabad, considered one of the preeminent projects in Bahria Town Pakistan. This grand project is approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).



Bahria Garden City, Bahria Golf Course

It is the best investment opportunity for both Pakistanis and overseas Pakistani. It is because of the spectacular views and the prime location close to G.T. Road. It has access from all sides, and this is what makes this project unique and appealing to local investors as well as overseas investors.

Bahria Golf Course is known to be one of the best golf courses in Pakistan. The international standard Golf Course is designed in the centre of Garden city, surrounded by lush green hills. The view of the Golf Course is breathtaking from the hills.

There are several short-term and long-term investment options. You can buy residential and commercial plots, houses, luxury apartments, offices, and villas. The rates for plots, houses, and villas are pretty reasonable compared to its international standard landscape and serene views. No doubt, it is a dream place to live for those who hunt for a peaceful and harmonious life without the intervention of pollution and disruption.


Bahria Garden City Location

Bahria Garden City is located west of Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Phase 7. It is opposite DHA Phase 2 Gate No. 2, Connected to G.T. Road.

Why invest in bahria town

Developers of Bahria Garden City

Bahria Garden City’s owner and developer is Bahria Town Pvt Ltd. As the developer, it has significantly played a significant role in the development of Garden City and the quality of lifestyle it offers. This grand project is designed and developed to international standards. Bahria Garden City is a distinct project due to its features such as a Golf Club, Grand mosque, world-class Cinema, natural lakes, etc.


Features and Amenities of Bahria Garden City

  • A few min’s drive from G.T. road, near DHA Phase-II
  • Connected with 150 ft. wide road from 3 sides
  • Underground electricity, telephone, and gas connection
  • Commercial Areas
  • USGA standard 18-hole Golf Club
  • Natural Lakes
  • Community Center, Gym, and Cricket stadium
  • Fully functional School, Mosque, and Hospital
  • International standard Medical Hospital and College
  • 24/7 Security and Maintenance
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply



Bahria Garden City Nearby Landmarks

Bahria Garden City has easy access to many famous areas and landmarks. It is one of the most renowned landmarks in Giga Shopping Mall as it is only a 10 mins drive from Bahria Garden City.

Another renowned landmark on a couple of minutes’ drive is Defence Housing Authority Phase 1.

Bahria Garden City also offers easy access to Bahria Business Bay. One can easily reach Bahria Business Bay within 10 mins drive.


Bahria Garden City Plots for Sale

Bahria Town Garden City offers residential as well as commercial plots. Here you can find the best option for 5, 10, and 20 Marla residential plots with exclusive prices. Buy your plot and start constructing your dream home to experience a modern living experience. You can buy plots on installment plans.


Bahria Garden City Plots for Sale

The following table shows the updated prices of the residential plots.




Plot Type





5 Marla




Residential Plot





10 Marla




Residential Plot





20 Marla




Residential Plot


Last updated_23-Aug-22


Besides, if you want to invest in luxurious houses in Bahria Garden City, there are also international standard houses on sale. For instance, 1 Kanal house starts from 7 Crore, and 10 Marla house starts from 3 Crore to 4 Crore.


Why invest in bahria town


7 Reasons to Invest in Bahria Garden City

Here are some of the reasons that one should invest in Bahria Garden City, as follows:

  • Bahria Garden City Location

The location of a project is the main feature in the success and prominence of any project. One of the best features that make Bahria Garden City prominent is its prime location. It is a blend of natural beauty and all the necessary luxuries for modern living. It offers thrilling views of lush green hills and a vast golf course. It aims to deliver an international standard of living to its occupants by providing them with a luxurious life surrounded by natural beauty. So, this is the central feature of investing in Bahria Garden city as it compels the buyers to buy their dream house.

Bahria Garden City is ideally located and designed so that it is easily accessible from all the city’s main points.


Bahria Garden City is accessible from all the main points of the city. One of the prime features of Bahria Garden City is its natural views and mesmerizing surroundings. You can stay close to nature and enjoy privacy, peace and tranquillity while living in the city, having everything in access. Moreover, this exceptional residential space would be a prime choice for investors, people who prefer a natural environment, and everyone who would prefer quality living standards for their family.

  • Adjacent to G.T. Road
  • Japan Road -3mins drive away
  • Islamabad Express Highway – 9 mins drive away
  • Kaller Sayden Road – 12 mins drive away
  • Rawat Chakbeli Road – 15 mins drive away
  • Kahuta Road – 8 mins drive away


  • High Return on Investment (ROI)

Investing in Bahria Garden City is the best option if considering a long-term investment. One of the significant advantages of investment in Garden city is the high return on investment. You can get a high return on investment in rental income and appreciation rate.

Moreover, the amenities, such as a Golf course, playgrounds, parks, jogging tracks, and many other recreational facilities, attract many potential investors to invest in Garden city. Several overseas Pakistani invested in Bahria Garden City due to its peaceful natural environment and luxurious lifestyle.

As we all know, the value of land increases gradually, increasing the property’s overall value. Real estate investment in this fantastic location guarantees a safe and profitable future. Bahria Gardens City can be one of the best investment decisions ever.

So, don’t hesitate to invest in Bahria Garden city as it offers the investors maximum profitability and a successful future.

  • Eco-friendly Infrastructure

Bahria Garden City is considered one of the nature-friendly housing spaces in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is because lush green hills and green landscapes surround this residential society. The location’s natural beauty offers sophistication to the Bahria Garden City, Islamabad.


Bahia Garden- eco-friendly environment

Besides, it provides its residents with a luxurious lifestyle surrounded by nature in Bahria Town. It is designed on sustainable development principles, which provide a green and eco-friendly environment. It brings you a close-to-nature lifestyle with all the state-of-the-art amenities. Bahria Garden city is surrounded by incredible natural views and vast green pastures. Such spectacular views compel investors to buy plots, houses, villas, or apartments to enjoy life at its best.

Most investors/residents of the Bahria Garden City are overseas Pakistanis. The eco-friendly environment and natural beauty is the primary reason that makes people, mainly overseas Pakistani, invest in Bahria Garden.

  • Best Amenities

Bahria Garden City ensures to provide world-class amenities and features to its residents. Some popular features of Bahria Garden City include CCTV surveillance cameras, uninterrupted power supply, jogging tracks, gyms, community centres, recreational facilities, playgrounds, parks, and many more.

Additionally, quality healthcare clinics and hospitals, reputed educational institutions, mosques, restaurants, cafes, and commercial zones are available for the convenience of the residents.

To provide a peaceful and luxurious lifestyle based on modern living, Bahria Garden City offers the following amenities to its residents:

  • Safe and Secure Environment
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Community Center, Gym, and Parks
  • School, Mosque, and Hospital
  • Golf course, Cinema, and other Recreational Clubs

Golf Course

Nestled in a valley surrounded by mesmerizing views, Bahria Garden City, along with numerous amenities, has a nine holes golf course. The golf course is regarded as a golfer’s dream as it offers peace, tranquillity and a perfect space for golfers to enjoy the game. Adding to the park, a pro shop to equip the golfers, a spa, a fitness club, a restaurant, and a clubhouse make your golfing experience way better than one can imagine.


Finegold plex offers a gold experience. Re-defining the entertainment segment of Twin Cities, Bahria Garden City offers one kind of movie experience in its gold-standard Cinema situated in Bahira Garden City. The Cinema, with its quality, features, and comfortable sitting space, echoes a reflection of hi-life.

Rubbish Marquee

To add ease to the luxury, Rubbish Marquee offers one of the best spaces for your events. With a side utterly open to nature, this spacious Marquee is the number one choice for the magic to happen at your event. Addressing one of the significant parking issues, Rubbish Marquee offers colossal parking spaces that can accommodate more than 150 cars, which is quite a relief.

Rubbish Marquee opens its arms to the stunning views of the golf course, which add more value to your event. Indoor or outdoor, this Marquee can make your event memorable.

Safe and secure community

To consider while investing in a residential society. Bahria Garden City is known to be the most secure area of Bahria Town, Islamabad. As you know, it is a gated community with advanced security systems that ensures security. It has a security system with 24/7 CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment to provide high-class security to the residents.

In addition, it is a well-disciplined and well-managed housing society whose priority is the safety and privacy of its occupants. CCTV cameras monitor the activities within the society, and a security guard maintains the entry-exit of the visitors at its main gates.

The security guards are well-trained and are hired by reputed security companies. These guards are well-trained and equipped with intercom facilities. Also, the gated community protects the residents from minor crimes and robberies. It ensures avoiding traffic on community roads to provide privacy and safety. It gives the elders a sense of privacy and peace and a safe environment for children.

Why invest in bahria town

  • Advanced Infrastructure

A good infrastructure plays a vital role in the valuation of properties. The infrastructure recognizes the value of the properties in any area. The rate of the properties varies with the variation of the infrastructure. For instance, the worth of a property with poor infrastructure is lower than that property with advanced infrastructure in the region.

A Garden city is a well-designed society with advanced infrastructure that guarantees a distinct value in the Real Estate market. It provides good infrastructure and environmental sanitation facilities such as water supply, solid waste management, sewerage, roads, storm drainage, transportation, etc.

Bahria Garden City Islamabad is considered the most lavish society with all the modern comforts and good infrastructure. It provides all the essential modern amenities and facilities of this era.


  • Highrise-Lifestyle

Besides houses and plots on sale in Bahria Garden City, there are also luxurious apartments in Bahria Garden City. Several Real Estate companies are investing in Bahria Garden to develop residential and commercial highrise projects. Such projects offer you 1-2 and 3-bedroom apartments with luxurious modern living experiences.

Here we have one of the hallmark projects of renowned ESPA Builders that offers luxurious apartments with spectacular views.

  • Golf Empire

Golf Empire is an iconic brand of residences in the primary location of Zone-4, Garden City, Bahria Town Islamabad.


Golf Empire, Bahria Garden City

If you want to live a lavish life, then invest in the luxurious apartments of Golf Empire. You can invest in 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments, where each home unit has exquisitely designed rooms and spectacular views of a vast Golf Course.

Moreover, it offers a high-end lifestyle with supreme facilities and amenities worldwide. Therefore, it is the perfect place to find a luxurious home.

Bahria Garden City is all about natural views, stunning surroundings and exceptional living space. To put it in simple words, simply perfect. Golf Empire, a project by ESPA Builders, is a perfectly placed hi-rise project that has a myriad of amenities to offer, but on top of everything, the project’s location is lovely; the more you go upwards better it gets; as it opens its doors to natural landscapes encompassing exceptional views of Golf Course. The project is aesthetically designed to enmesh an infinity pool on top. The pool on top of a project aesthetically hugs the environment adding more to perfection. The project has a lot more to offer:

  • Amenities
    • Eco-friendly Environment
    • Safe and Secure Residence Complex with 24/7 CCTV
    • Health and Fitness clubs, i.e. Gym, Yoga centre, Spa.
    • High-speed Elevators
    • Housekeeping Services
    • Stunning Infinity Swimming Pool 
    • Spectacular Rooftop Food Court
    • Standby Power Generator



Bahria Garden City is an investment opportunity for those who love to live close to nature and a luxurious lifestyle. It is a pleasant combination of modern living and natural beauty. There is a range of short-term and long-term investment opportunities ranging from luxurious homes and vast villas to spacious apartments surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

Moreover, it offers long-term investment plans as well as short-term investment plans to buyers and investors. Many Real Estate Companies are investing in Bahria Garden City. It is because of the location and secured investment opportunities. Besides homes and villas, many developers are building High-rise projects. Some residential and commercial projects offer short-term and long-term investment opportunities.

So, if you are considering investing in a profitable investment, Garden city is the best option. It offers high ROI and guarantees a safe and secure investment.


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