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Table of Contents

  • Digitalized Real Estate
  • High-rise Lifestyle
  • Eco-friendly Construction
  • Eco-friendly Housing societies and projects in Pakistan:
    • Park View City
    • Mivida City
    • Golf Empire
  • Green Architecture
    • Regulation of Temperature
    • Healthy Environment
    • High ROI
  • Luxurious Apartments
    • Affordability
    • Nuclear family
    • Easy Maintenance
  • Gated Communities
    • Secure and peaceful
    • Provide luxury and essential amenities
  • Tech-equipped lifestyle
  • Conclusion
What comes to your mind when you think about the emerging Real Estate trends in Pakistan?


The real estate of Pakistan is in a process of rapid expansion with major real estate trends. A real estate trend is a kind of change or modification of the existing Real Properties to a noticeable change with the passage of time and the advancement of technology. There is an extensive list of emerging trends in Pakistan that expresses the accomplishments of the Real estate industry.

The Real Estate Trends in Pakistan are emerging with numerous thrilling housing schemes and high-rise projects that are being introduced by the reputed real estate builders and developers across the major fast-developing cities of Pakistan such as Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. Such developments attract people from all over Pakistan as well as the people living abroad to invest in such projects.

As we know that the Real Estate Industry of Pakistan is rapidly growing and its trends are emerging with the advancement of technology and time passage. The government has proposed the strategic idea of the High Rise lifestyle by introducing High rise projects. It aims to focus on sustainable urban development as well as the development of high-rise infrastructure by preserving an eco-friendly environment.

Real estate trends in Pakistan are moving towards the development of carefully planned housing societies that offer a luxurious living experience on a budget and are also beneficial to sustainable practices.

Here are some of the major trends that can be observed in the Real Estate industry of Pakistan:

Digitalized Real Estate

With the advancement of Technology and the Internet, it has become a major lead generation method for real estate marketing, instead of printing media such as local newspapers and all other sources as preferred for consumers to learn about properties for sale. Nowadays, for buyers and sellers, the Internet has become a major source of information while the house buying and selling process, and for other property investment purposes.

It has been observed, that in Pakistan majority of real estate companies use popular Internet marketing methods like SEO, advertising, and social media for the marketing of their projects and properties.

Real estate trends in Pakistan , Digitalized Real Estate, , Real Estate industry of Pakistan, Trends in the Real Estate Industry
Digitalized Real Estate Industry of Pakistan

Besides, the Real estate companies have designed their websites and portals where they have uploaded their projects and properties to sell or rent. These Real estate websites let you search for apartments, shops, houses, etc., and help you to go through such properties online without any hassle. Moreover, you can list your properties for rent or sell on these websites, and tour the particular property you wanted to invest in through virtual visiting with the available pictures and videos on the site.

ESPA Builders has also created its website where you can get information regarding their grand projects like Evershine Heights, Golf Empire, and Evershine Business Centre. It is the best website for investors who are eager to buy lavish apartments, spacious hotel suits, and ideal shops. Besides, it delivers you information regarding Real Estate and its associated fields through informative blogs.

Moreover, Real Estate Agents and companies post videos on their websites related to their projects and properties and it has become increasingly popular on social media sites as well, particularly Facebook. Real estate companies find video marketing increases their visibility and allows them to reach a wider audience. In addition to Facebook videos, there is an opportunity for real estate agents and companies to take advantage of YouTube to market their properties and projects.

High Rise Lifestyle

High rise is becoming more common in the major commercial cities of Pakistan as Real Estate developers are building more high-rise projects than before. High-rise living has made life easy as it provides several amenities next to the door such as being close to work, recreational activities, health and fitness ventures, and many other advanced amenities.

Real estate trends in Pakistan , Digitalized Real Estate, , Real Estate industry of Pakistan
High-rise lifestyle

In Pakistan, High-rise buildings comprise seven or more stories. The tallest high-rise project in Pakistan is the Bahria Icon Tower in Karachi. It comprises 62 floors of luxury apartments and corporate offices with a height of 896 ft. Besides this, there are many high-rise buildings in Pakistan for instance, Chapel skylark, Ocean tower, Bakht tower, the Centaurus mall, etc. these High-rise projects consist of lavish shops, luxury apartments, spacious hotel suites, and corporate offices.

High-rise buildings have brought new trends in the lifestyle of the people of Pakistan, such buildings offer mesmerizing views, security and privacy, less noise pollution, a peaceful environment, and a high-class lifestyle to the residents.


Eco-friendly Construction

In Pakistan, a new trend is in development where many Real Estate Developers and builders have initiated to construct their projects in a sustainable way. Green building practices have been in practice to adopt sustainable construction, although it is in process at a slow pace, it is advantageous. Sustainable construction is beneficial as it costs low, protects the environment, keeps the environment healthier, and expands the market during the construction phase.

Eco-friendly Construction and sustainability, trends in real estate, rea; estate company,
Eco-friendly Construction and sustainability.

As people are getting aware of the importance of sustainable construction they started adopting green building practices and eco-friendly construction. For your information, Golf Empire is one of the hallmarks of Sustainable construction. It is a High–rise project by ESPA Builders surrounded by the Golf Course Bahria Town.

Eco-friendly construction is the latest trend in Pakistan’s real estate. With the growing awareness around the world, people are becoming more and more conscious about the environment and sustainability. This is why Real Estate developers in Pakistan are now constructing buildings with sustainable materials and eco-friendly structures.

An eco-friendly construction approach implies the construction of a housing society or a high-rise project that is developing or developed on sustainability. An eco-friendly building is such a habitation that has a low environmental impact and is primarily designed and built using technologies and materials that reduce carbon footmark and require less energy use.

Eco-friendly Housing Societies and projects in Pakistan

Here are some of the famous housing societies and Projects in Islamabad where eco-friendly construction is adopted :

Park view city: Among several popular housing societies in Islamabad, Park view city is the renowned one for its eco-friendly construction approach. It is CDA approved housing scheme

The society has preserved natural water flow with beautiful hill views. You can enjoy the natural environment and peaceful neighbourhood. The weather is cool and comfortable due to the serene views.

If you are looking for lush green areas and a peaceful and quiet environment then Park view city is the best choice.

Mivida City:

The housing society has an eco-friendly community. It consists of 14 marla residential plots, an eco-botanic garden, bird reservation pond, interactive green spaces, play fields, etc. besides there are green belts all over the society, green parks, and solar energy trees for sustainability.


Golf Empire:

Golf Empire by ESPA Builders, trending investment, trends in real estate future, top builders in pakistan, real investors
Golf Empire by ESPA Builders




Golf Empire is a high-rise residential project that gives you a healthy as well as a luxurious life with an ultimately comfortable and stress-free life. It is designed to be built on sustainability and an eco-friendly construction approach. This mighty project is located in the heart of the lush green Golf course of the Garden city, Bahria Town phase 7.




  1. Green Architecture:

Green Architecture is one of the smartest building options we have right now and it is in trending globally. Green buildings are revolutionizing the Real Estate industry by combining elements of nature with architecture. In Pakistan, several Real Estate Developers are building their projects based on green architecture and sustainability.

However, there is a lack of awareness among people about the significance and benefits of green architecture because of the negligence of incentives from the government and the lack of green building codes of practices.

Green Architecture and Real Estate, trends in future real estate, latest technology home, natural look, home with green architecture
Green Architecture and Real Estate

As per the research of Green Building Information Gateway (GBIG), Pakistan has seventeen LEED-certified green constructions, including 13 registered with the Green Building Council of the US and 1 with the Achiever Award, which means there are a total of 31 green buildings in Pakistan.

Here are some reasons to choose a green building lifestyle:

Regulation of Temperature

To cope with the rising temperature every year, it is wise to invest in green buildings as they help in controlling the temperature to a great extent. Buildings with green roofs stay much cooler than normal buildings, which is indeed a huge advantage for the residents.

Moreover, greenery generates moisture around the building which creates a pleasant atmosphere in and around the structure. For those regions, where the climate is extremely hot, green architecture can be quite useful for the inhabitants.

Healthy Environment

Green architecture is environment friendly and it promotes sustainability. It reduces the amount of pollution which positively affects your health. Also, this kind of construction can improve your physical health as well as your mental health.

High ROI

Green architecture is given a lot of importance in the field of real estate. As time passes, their value will continue to increase. So, even if you want to sell the property, you can earn almost 2 times the amount spent on building and maintaining the property. Green Architecture helps you generate a high return on real estate investment.

  1. Luxurious Apartments

Living in an Apartment has become a trend in Pakistan and it is a fast-growing trend in the real estate industry nowadays. People are looking to buy one-bed and two-bed apartments instead of buying large luxury houses.

Luxury Apartments, well furnished apartments, top class apartments, bahria town investment
Luxury Apartments

Here are some factors that are accountable for the emerging trend as follows;

  • Affordability: With rising inflation, it is difficult to afford a big house or luxurious 3 to 4-bedroom apartments. This is the reason why people tend to buy micro apartments more than buying big houses.


  • Nuclear Family: The trend of the nuclear family is increasing rapidly in Pakistan, and the joint family system is on the decline. So people buy small housing units that are affordable and meet the needs of separate living.
  • Easy Maintenance: Not only are micro apartments cheaper to purchase than larger houses, but micro apartments also help in reducing utility bills and maintenance charges. A small house is easier to maintain and decorate than a big luxurious house.
  1. Gated Communities

Gated communities are in trending in the metropolitan cities of Pakistan. In its modern form, a gated community which is also known as the walled community is a form of residential community or housing estate with strictly controlled entrances for people, and transportation, and is often surrounded by highly secured walls and fences.

In Pakistan, a number of gated communities have emerged such as Bahria town and DHA which are the most popular gated housing schemes in the country. The popularity of gated communities upraised from the development of Bahria Town and DHA housing communities in the major commercial cities of Pakistan. Currently, almost every new housing society under development is a gated community.

People prefer to live in gated communities due to the following reasons:

  • Secure and peaceful: Gated housing communities are the best option for families and residents who love to live in a more peaceful and secure location with minimum noise pollution.
  • It provides luxury and essential amenities: If one lives in a reputed community, the provision of basic amenities and even luxuries becomes easy and convenient for its residents. Everything is available within a short distance from schools, hospitals, and shopping centres. So, providing services in an affluent community is its plus point. Gated communities also offer top-notch amenities like rides, golf courses, cinemas, well-maintained zoos, security cameras, and smooth traffic.


The trend of living in gated housing communities gained a strong grip in Pakistan’s residential real estate sector as home buyers attempt to find protection from possible terrorism, crime, and fragmented civic amenities in their neighbourhoods. As a result, several gated housing communities such as Bahria Town were established in central metropolitan cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad to attract the middle and elite classes.

  1. Tech-equipped lifestyle

Tech-equipped living has become a major part of the advanced lifestyle in today’s era. In Pakistan, it has emerged in the Real Estate Industry as a trend. Technology has become increasingly important in human life for convenience and security. Everyone is looking for a housing society and a residential complex that is equipped with the latest technology. Every day there is a new invention that is helping man to take a step forward towards a better lifestyle in the future. Technology and techniques are changing the lifestyle of people worldwide, and the way of life is no longer the same as it was some years ago.

Tech-equipped living, trends in real estate, top trend real estate technology
Tech-equipped living

Real Estate developers are now working on advanced technology to make the lifestyle of the residents more secure and comfortable. For instance, Smart lock systems, facial recognition security systems, CCTVs, solar panels, and solar energy systems have revolutionized lifestyles. They are gradually becoming a part of newly constructed buildings, which were not part of the construction and real estate industry just a few decades ago. Such changes and modifications can be observed in the Real Estate and construction companies of Pakistan as well.



The real estate industry of Pakistan is constantly evolving. Along with the development and advancement of technology, real estate trends are also changing. Real estate trends in Pakistan are moving towards the development of both residential and commercial projects. Whether they are carefully planned housing societies or high-rise projects, they offer a luxurious living experience on a budget and are also favourable to sustainable practices. New trends like green housing and eco-friendly construction can be observed in Pakistan as well for an ecological environment and sustainable development along with the Real Estate industry expansion.

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