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  • Introduction
  • Reasons to live in a Serviced Apartment
    • Fully Furnished
    • Clear Prices
    • Affordable Living
  • Some features to look for in a Serviced Apartment
    • Location
    • Comfy Bed
    • Equipped Kitchen
  • Best Serviced Apartments in Islamabad
    • Royal Serviced Hotel
    • Envoy Continental Hotel
    • Reina Boutique Hotel
    • Esquire 2 Hotel and Apartment
  • 5 Pros of Serviced Apartments
    • Guaranteed Rental Income
    • Repairing and Maintenance are done by the Operator
    • Spacious Apartments
    • More Amenities
    • Feels like at Home
  • 5 Cons of Serviced Apartments
    • Fewer Services
    • Safekeeping Issues
    • No Daily Housekeeping
    • A 24-hour Receptionist is unavailable
    • No Grace
  • Conclusion



A serviced apartment is a type of residential apartment that is fully furnished with state-of-art amenities.

It includes amenities that you have at your home and at luxury hotels and that’s all included in the total rental price. Serviced apartments are designed to act as temporary homes when you are away from home, with more space and amenities than regular apartments and hotels. This kind of accommodation is also offered for long and short visits, allowing guests to stay away from home for business trips without disturbance or lack of convenience. Besides, many types of serviced accommodations come in all shapes and sizes, from small studio suites to ten-bedroom houses.

Moreover, it is one of the best business opportunities to invest in serviced apartments. It is a safe and secure investment that is managed by others and an investor can get constant monthly cash flow. So, investing in these types of projects is profitable where an investor can get a high Return on Investment (ROI).

Facilities that you can have at serviced Apartment are
  • A fully equipped kitchen with fridge, oven, and all needed utensils.
  • Internet access
  • Laundry facilities
  • Housekeeping services
  • Parking area
  • Privacy and security

Serviced apartments can be in all shapes, sizes, and requisites, however, there is a plus point for business travelers and other travellers as there is the freedom, flexibility, and more space to enjoy the trip in the serviced apartments. All these home and hotel facilities don’t need a big amount either. It is extremely affordable to rent a serviced apartment when you are planning a trip, whether you’re staying short-term or long-term.

Moreover, serviced apartments are more economical, and such accommodation offers more space than a regular hotel room. Generally, a serviced apartment is two times the size of a typical hotel room, assuring greater comfort and privacy for the guests. Most serviced accommodations offer more convenience than hotel rooms. For instance, with a serviced apartment, you have the freedom and flexibility to decide on whether you want to cook for yourself or dine at one of the numerous local restaurants in proximity.

Reasons to live in a Serviced Apartment

There are several reasons why people consider living in serviced apartments as follows:

Fully furnished

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The serviced apartments are fully furnished with high-quality metal or wooden furniture and wardrobes. You will be able to store your belongings and stuff easily. Generally, a serviced apartment is much better than this standard, expensive hotel room. Moreover, there is a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, and TV access, plenty of plug sockets, a dishwasher, a dryer, and everything you would expect to find in a very modern apartment.



Clear prices

The prices of Serviced Apartments are clear as they are not hidden. The prices include property management costs, utilities, property tax charges, weekly servicing, etc. are all included in the rental price. Internet service is also included in it.

Although serviced apartments are more economical than hotel rooms and the rate frequently drops the longer one stays.

Moreover, you will always have more space, more freedom, and more privacy than in a hotel room. The best thing about Serviced apartments is that they also offer discounts to guests staying for longer periods, whereas hotels offer a fixed pricing structure for their rooms.

Affordable living

Living in a serviced apartment is more affordable than a hotel room or a motel. The prices are typically less than hotel rates of the same standard and private rentals. It provides you with a modern living experience as well as all conveniences that a luxury hotel provides you but at a reasonable price.

Some Features to Look for in a Serviced Apartment

There were times when hotel rooms were the only options for travellers to stay but now the time has changed so the accommodation options have also changed and modified.

There are several options for accommodation, among them serviced apartments are the best whether you want it for business purpose, leisure or a trip with family such accommodation offers many benefits.

Serviced apartments are fast becoming the preferred accommodation choice as an alternative to hotels. Nowadays, travellers may prefer to stay in a serviced apartment than a hotel.

But before you book the accommodation take a look at the features of that particular apartment, here are some of the features to look for;


When you plan your trip, the first thing you will look for is the location. This is one of the main features that a person will ask about, and make sure to double-check the location because sometimes the said location may not be as easy as you initially thought. As a traveller, you can do a bit of your research by considering how close the apartment is to attractions and landmarks, and how closely connected it is to transport in the city. Besides, if you are going on a business trip, check how far the location of the apartment is from the desired place of business. All these factors are equally important as you make your decision.

Make sure the apartment is centrally located, near convenience and landmarks.

Comfy Bed

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One of the most important needs of a regular traveller is to get a good sleep and for that, it is important to have good quality beds and mattresses in your bedroom. This at least contributes to the stay of the traveller for the day and the adventure ahead. This has been observed on social media that many times, frequent travellers have posted negative comments after staying in luxury serviced apartments that their stay was uncomfortable and they did not sleep well, leading to chronic pain.


Equipped Kitchen

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A serviced apartment should have a well-equipped kitchen as it is important to provide a fully equipped kitchen to make a traveller feel at home. For instance, there should be a fridge, cooking appliances like a microwave oven, crockery, cutlery, washing up facilities, etc. These facilities are always offered at serviced apartments as it is important to have your own space to feel at home and cook whatever you want to eat.


Moreover, these luxury apartments have 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, LED with satellite channels, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a balcony with serene mountain views.




Envoy Continental Hotel

It is superbly located in the majestic capital city of Islamabad. The interior of the building is beautifully designed and the exterior is exquisite with unmatched luxury and a comfortable atmosphere made for a perfect stay experience. Envoy Continental Hotel offers serviced apartments to its guests with modern living and more advanced facilities. Moreover, carefully prepared cuisines can be a delight inside the beautifully designed restaurant. It is located at a prime location as it has easy access to Islamabad Airport and all major tourist attraction landmarks. With years of experience, the hotel offers excellent service and a wholesome experience to the guests.


Best Serviced Apartments in Islamabad

Islamabad is one of the most peaceful cities in Pakistan. It is famous for its natural beauty, tranquillity, and prosperous lifestyle. Besides, it is one of the most developed and planned cities in the country. Most people want to live in Islamabad as there are many luxurious residential apartments in Islamabad. Therefore, Islamabad is the best place to live due to its modern living and luxury lifestyle.

The following are the best residential apartment buildings in Islamabad.

Royal Serviced Apartments

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Royal Serviced Apartments are perfectly located at the Centaurus Royal Serviced Apartments. These luxurious apartments are adjacent to popular landmarks like Centaurus mall, Shah Faisal Mosque, and Margalla Green Golf Club. It is located at a prime location that offers state-of-the-art amenities and a feeling of modern living to the guests. It includes free parking, internet access, room service, fitness clubs, laundry, facilities for disabled guests, etc.


Reina Boutique Hotel

Rena Boutique Hotel is located in G6/3 Sector and offers accommodation to business travellers and other tourists. It is the best place to stop over as it has a shared lounge, free internet access, as well as free private parking for guests. Furthermore, the accommodation provides a 24-hour front desk, room service, a shared kitchen, and luggage storage for guests.

Esquire 2 Hotel and Apartment

Esquire 2 Hotel and Apartment is located in the Civic Centre, Bahria Town Islamabad which offers the best services to travellers who are looking for a serviced apartment. It is the best place for recreational activities, dining, sightseeing, and living. These luxury apartments provide you with free Wi-Fi access, a parking area, dining, and a modern living experience.

5 Pros of Serviced Apartments

Serviced Apartments can become the best choice for people for investment as well as for people looking for short-term as well as long-term accommodation as its primary goal is to provide as many amenities as possible.

Here are some of the pros that come with Serviced Apartment as follows;

Guaranteed Rental Income

To start with, let’s talk about the biggesbiggest benefit of a serviced apartmentt benefit of a serviced apartment, and that is guaranteed rental income. The person in the supervision of the entire property, where the serviced apartment or property is located takes care of finding people to provide the rental property.

This lets the investor sit back and relax while having the privilege of receiving a guaranteed rental income at a fixed rate. Serviced Apartment is a great investment opportunity as it generates a higher Return on Investment (ROI) at a fixed rate, compared to several other residential apartments.

Repairing and maintenance are done by the operator

Another major advantage of investing in serviced apartments is that the owner does not have to worry about accommodation matters like maintenance or repairs of the apartment.

These types of activities are managed by the supervisor who takes care of the entire property of that particular owner. This means there are zero objections from occupants and no need to take care of repairs or renovations themselves.

Spacious Apartments

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Serviced Apartments are more spacious than any other residential apartments. For business travellers, it is the best option as they are roomy and large comparatively hotel rooms. However, Hotel suites may be available but they are more expensive than these residential apartments.

On the other hand, a serviced apartment is a typical sized studio, 1-3 bedroom apartment, offering on average 30% more space than a usual hotel room. This type of Apartment is advantageous for business travellers as you can have a lot of room to work, relax, have business meetings and live there.

More Amenities

When it comes to choosing the accommodation when you are travelling, you must opt Serviced Apartment. The facilities provided in serviced apartments are varied from the facilities provided in hotels. Serviced apartments may come with amenities such as pools, fitness centres, terraces, equipped kitchens, joined entrances, laundry facilities, sitting rooms, and many more. Some of these residential apartments are pet friendly as well. As a final point, Wi-Fi or internet access is almost always included in the price of a serviced apartment, while many hotels still charge extra for it.

Feels like at Home

The serviced apartment gives guests an experience that makes them feel at home which can’t be offered by hotels or any other residential apartment.

Moreover, Serviced Apartments offer flexibility to the guests as they are free to come and go as they prefer. It enables guests to live as a regular life as possible in their home away from home. The apartment provides fully equipped conveniences such as guests can cook, work, entertain or hold business meetings whenever they want, all within privacy and security.

5 Cons of Serviced Apartment                               

Serviced apartments can be a great option depending on your condition, but they are not always the best option for everyone. Besides the pros of renting a serviced apartment, there are some cons when it comes to renting a service apartment. Let’s look at the cons of the Serviced apartment;

Fewer Services

In a serviced apartment you will get more freedom and flexibility but you may not get the same level of services as you stay at a hotel. For instance, you won’t have access to a reception desk or night receptionist ready to respond to your demands 24/7.

However, this does not mean that you will be left alone. Some reputable serviced Apartments will go the extra mile and give you access to a porter service, maintenance services as well as a few other benefits to get you close to the same level of service.

Security Issues

residential apartment

One of the most important things to consider

when you plan to go on a trip and staying in a private residential apartment is secure accommodation. It’s easier to sleep at night while travelling when you feel secure. So, it is far more secure to stay in a hotel room instead of a short-term stay in a serviced apartment. Many serviced apartments do not have security CCTVs to monitor security issues or security guards to

protect the building, while hotels often have many security options to protect their hotel guests.


Daily Housekeeping

Serviced Apartments have minimal daily housekeeping services compared to hotels. If you like a clean place every day, fresh towels, a neatly made bed, and the room organized, then serviced apartments are not for you. These apartments offer freedom and flexibility with fewer room services. You will have to clean the whole apartment yourself or you will have to hire a maid, but it will be costly.

house keeping, residential apartments,

On the other hand, daily housekeeping is usually much more comprehensive in hotels and you can easily call for any extra towels or toiletries you need at all times.

 A 24-hour Receptionist is unavailable

Not all serviced apartments have a 24-hour reception service. One of the biggest disadvantages of serviced apartments is the absence of 24/7 reception services, on contrary, in a hotel, especially in luxury hotels, there is a concierge who can advise you on what to do in the new city as well as make reservations for the guests where there is difficulty to make restaurant reservations for them.

No Grace

Sometimes you may get disappointed after seeing your reserved serviced apartment. Many people say that the pictures they saw online were much better than the real outlook, and once you book a serviced apartment, it’s hard to get out of the contract. If there’s a piece of furniture that doesn’t look good in the space, many owners won’t help you, and you’ll just have to accept it and live with it. In these cases, a white hotel room looks like a dream.



Overall, serviced apartments are a great option if you’re looking for more space and independence and want the same comforts you get at home at less price compared to a hotel room. If you think it is the best option for your prerequisites while travelling then make sure to contact a reputable service provider and see if it is the best choice for you. Besides, it is the best investment opportunity that gives you a higher Return on Investment than any other residential apartment.


Stay tuned to ESPA Blogs to learn more about Real Estate and the best investment opportunities in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.



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