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  1. Introduction
  2. Checking Property Ownership Online in Pakistan
  3. Property Tax in Pakistan
  4. Property Websites in Pakistan
  5. Loans against Property in Pakistan
  6. Property Law in Pakistan
  7. Conclusion



Finding property in Pakistan has always been a hard and time taking task. For many years, people have had difficulties in finding out properties. There was no online system for people to find properties online or check the property details online. In the past, people had to deal in property traditionally with the help of a local agent called ‘Patwari’ to find properties. This traditional way of property dealing was slow as well as risky as it was the main cause of fraud cases when it comes to property dealing matters.


Therefore, to cope with such issues related to Real Estate and to facilitate the process of property finding easy, various companies have to create websites and portals. These online platforms are assisting customers in finding their desired properties in a better and easy way.

Property websites are attracting a lot of people who are interested in buying property as well as investing in property.  Such platforms add value to both buyers and sellers every month as they. Customers can explore hundreds of homes within a few hours right from the comfort of their homes. Hundreds of buyers look at the features and pictures of their homes in the market to buy a new home

Checking Property Ownership Online in Pakistan

The world has become technologically advanced and several businesses have digitalized their traditional way of dealings by transforming into a digital domain. It is to make their business easily accessible to people and to make things easy for their customers. Hence, you will find various marketing networks for the real estate business online in Pakistan as well.

How to Find Properties Online in Pakistan?

Therefore, the government of Pakistan decided to create an online system where people could easily find property ownership as well as land records. However, this system is not available to all the regions of Pakistan, except Punjab and Sindh.

Punjab and Sindh governments have launched an online facility where you can check property ownership anytime anywhere. In this article, we will guide you on how to check property ownership online in Pakistan.

If you want to know how to check out property ownership online in Pakistan here are the steps you should follow:
  • First visit the property ownership portal, depending on your area, either Sindh. Zameen or Punjab. Zameen land records portals.
  • After coming to the homepage of the website, you will need to make several choices and fill in the various fields to find the land record you want.
  • The first thing you will choose is the relevant district of your property from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, from the second drop-down menu select your relevant Tehsil, right next to the first one.
  • Next, choose the region of ​​your property from the menu.
  • Now that you specify your search criteria, by default, now you can enter a property by CNIC, name, or by property number.
  • Once you are done filling in all the necessary options, all you have to do is click on the search button to get the results you want.
Property Tax in Pakistan

If you want the economy and the country to be stable, all you have to do is start paying your taxes on time.

How to Find Properties Online in Pakistan?

As responsible citizens, we must pay our taxes on time. The taxes are paid to ensure our economic stability. Most people hide their assets to avoid paying taxes. Property is an asset to your country, and when you acquire it, you have to pay taxes.

Types of Property Taxes

Different types of property Taxes in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Capital Value tax
  • Capital Gain Tax
  • Withholding tax

According to the Finance Act 2006, a person who buys a property has to pay a Capital value tax. This is 2% of the total amount recorded. Money is paid to the government when buying property. Capital value tax is also included in the property documents. This is 3% of all legal documents called stamp duty.

Capital Gain Tax is associated with Capital Value Tax. This is the amount that the seller must pay the government. Payment is made at the time of sale of the property. The tax applies to sellers’ property. The tax chart changes annually. The seller is obliged to pay capital gains tax after 3 years. While the tax for the first year is 10%, it is reduced to 7.5% in the second year and only 5% in the third year.

Withholding Tax is a combination of capital gains tax and capital value tax. This is the amount that both buyers and sellers pay. It is paid when the property is sold.

According to the tax percentage, both parties have to pay tax. If the property is submitted by the buyer on income tax, it remains 2%, but if the buyer is a non-filer, the tax increases to 45%. The huge increase ensures that property buyers become tax filers. The same is true of sellers. If they are filers, they will have to pay 1% tax, but if they are non-filers, the withholding tax will be up to 25%.

Properties online Websites in Pakistan

Real estate websites bring convenience and easy accessibility to buyers and sellers. Buyers can view hundreds of property pictures, videos, and features before they need to schedule a live tour. That’s why sellers who post their homes on these sites benefit and have more chances for their property to be sold. Hundreds of thousands of potential buyers can view properties on sale or rent online without going on the site.

Various property companies in Pakistan are providing virtual platforms in the form of websites and portals to their customers i.e. property sellers, buyers, and Agents. These websites inform buyers and sellers timely about several investment opportunities, rental houses, houses on sale, etc. such portals and websites have revolutionized the conventional concept of property hunting by bringing everything to the customers’ fingertips.

How to Find Properties Online in Pakistan?, golf empire

They have made the websites very user-friendly with extensive blogs about useful information and news related to real estate.

The Property portals are connecting you with sellers or agents without any commission. It also provides a mobile application for viewing property details. Various companies have also made separate mobile-friendly Apps to make the property easily accessible to their customers.

For instance, and Graana are one of the most successful real estate portals in Pakistan that provides a platform for buyers, sellers, and investors to interconnect easily. Besides, ESPA Builders is one of the leading Real Estate companies in Islamabad, it has a website that has a range of innovative features and offers a variety of investment opportunities to investors.

Loans against Property in Pakistan

In the current period, it is very difficult to build a house on your own expenses due to rising prices of raw materials, labour force as well as property taxes. However, there are some banks that are providing loans against home financing to the Pakistani people.

Besides, the Government of Pakistan has also taken some measures to support the people by providing loans against Property. Since the important role of the construction sector in improving the availability of adequate housing as well as increasing economic activity in the country.

The State Bank of Pakistan has taken several steps to support this vision of the Government of Pakistan, since July 2020 to provide financial support for the housing and construction sector.

How to Find Properties Online in Pakistan?, golf empire

In late 2020, the Government of Pakistan stepped up its efforts by presenting the Government Markup Subsidy Scheme, now commonly known as “Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar”. The government released the features of this scheme in March 2021 in the light of stakeholder opinions to benefit the masses.

The Scheme allows banks to provide financial support to the people for the construction and purchase of houses at very low financing rates, particularly for the lower and middle-class people.

Moreover, some banks are also providing loans against Properties in Pakistan. For instance, Bank Alfalah is offering home loans in easy instalments under a scheme called Alfalah Home Finance. You can apply for a loan starting from Rs. 2 million to 50 million; you can pay in 36 to 240 easy instalments monthly.

HBL is also offering such an offer named HBL Home Loan. You can apply for a loan amount ranging from Rs 2-15 million; you can pay in 60-240 instalments monthly. Besides, you can apply for a property loan up to Rs. 25 million, to be paid in 12 to 240 monthly instalments through MCB.

Property Law in Pakistan

Property law is one of the important types of law that oversees the various forms of ownership of real estate (land) and private property.

In Pakistan, Land or property is a provincial issue. Therefore, the provinces have enacted laws regarding property ownership. In addition, everyone can own property, including foreigners, if they meet the requirements of the law.

How to Find Properties Online in Pakistan?

The implementation of the land record system and property rights system in Pakistan is closely related to the system of Revenue Collection. From the time of the colonial era, the Revenue Departments have been responsible for enforcing property rights and recording and maintaining the land. Relevant provincial revenue departments are in charge of land management and enforcement of property rights.

However, the system is designed to be maintained immediately and therefore any change in the ground records takes place at the sub-district level, i.e. at the village and tehsil level.

Moreover, Pakistan perceives the Shariah principle for the distribution of property. There are two important laws protecting inheritance rights in the country:

  1. Muslim Family Law Ordinance, 1961
  2. The West Pakistan Muslim Personal Law, 1962

In addition, in Pakistan, property rights are clear and protected under the Constitution of Pakistan through various laws and regulations. There are special and specific laws to define and protect different types of property rights.

Four articles of the Constitution of Pakistan deal with the rights of private property in the country. These include articles include, Articles [1] 23, 24, 172, and 173.



The Digital transformation of land records has made individuals’ lives easier and simpler. The steps taken by the government of Pakistan are productive as it has removed the sole authority of the Patwaris and controlled land property-related frauds. Currently, the online system for land records is only accessible to two provinces i.e. Punjab and Sindh. The other two provinces should also set up such online systems for searching properties online and land records. Besides, there are various websites and portals of real estate companies that are providing services as well as a number of properties to everyone interested in investment, buying, selling, or renting the property. Moreover, the government of Pakistan has also taken some steps to improve the quality of housing and increase investment in construction and property by providing financial assistance to the middle class. In Pakistan, there are some laws regarding property based on the constitution as well as Shariah. Besides, people who are investing in property are bound to pay taxes to the Government at a fixed percentage.

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