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ApartmentsThe Impact of Rawalpindi Ring Road on Real Estate and beyond

January 5, 2022by ESPA0

Rawalpindi has once deemed a city which had many opportunities for development but political turmoil and instability in the country led to a lack of development in this area. The Potohar region on the whole lacks any significant agriculture activities and industrial development also did not take root in the region either. However, the recent developments are a ray of hope for the city of Rawalpindi.

Impact of Rawalpindi Ring Road on Real Estate

One of the main developments in the current times is the development of the Ring Road which is going to pave way for further progress of this city as a whole while expanding it further into the outer boundaries. The Rawalpindi ring road is a comprehensive development and infrastructure plan that will connect CPEC and also have a significant impact on the housing, real estate, commercial, developmental and real estate sectors.

Ring Road and Infrastructure Development

The Rawalpindi ring road is a long route development which is going to have eight interchanges along the way. It is planned to connect the Rawat interchange with the Sangjani interchange while intersecting the CPEC and the new Islamabad International Airport. Starting from the Radio Station on the first interchange the route will go across Chak Beili, Adyala, Chakri, M-2 Murat, Hakla, and reach N-5 Sangjani. The total length of the ring road will be 65.5 km and it will be 110 meters wide with six lanes. It is also said to have a plan for the conservation of nature as 150,000 trees will be planted around it. The project will be developed by Zeeruk International Pvt Ltd.

Developmental Projects on Ring Road

There are a number of features of the ring road which make it a development conducive project as well. These include the projects related to the health and education sector as well. Such as the development of a 400-bed hospital on the Chak Beili interchange which shall be the second interchange.

There will also be a health zone. This is going to add a lot towards the improvement of health. It is also going to have a lot of impact on the industry as there shall be an industrial hub on the second interchange as well which will have an industrial warehouse and industrial estate. While on the 5th interchange on the ring road there will be a University town that is going to be close to

M-2 Murat on the Motorway. This is a big addition to the education sector of the city. And there will be another industrial zone close to the 7th interchange where the ring road intersects with the CPEC.

Housing and Real Estate Sector

The housing and real estate sectors are the main focus of the government. There will be a significant boost for these two sectors due to the ring road. A three hundred Kanal housing society will be launched by the RDA close to the third interchange, which is in Adyala. Moreover, on the 4th interchange which is on Chakri, there will be another housing society which will be coupled with a huge recreational area and sports complex being built with the cooperation of Blue World City. The 8th and last interchange will have another housing society to be built on the Sangjani interchange.

Commercial Sector

The logistics Hub-I is going to be on the first interchange close to Rawat that shall serve as a centre point for commercial activities such as fruit, vegetables and cattle market and also for

transportation; having a bus and truck terminal. The 6th interchange will have a business expo centre called Aerotropolis, also having a sports complex, and commercial plazas to be built by RDA. These huge developments in the commercial sector will have a major impact on business activity as it will have an improved communication infrastructure for the supply chains. The industrial and commercial sectors will be equally impacted.

Other advantages

Many other advantages of the ring road will be seen after it has been completed. This mega project will also connect various housing societies being developed in the vicinity of the new Islamabad international airport and connect them to already well-developed housing societies such as DHA and Bahria Town phase 8 extension which will be close to the second interchange of the ring road.

This linkage will also impact the prices of the real estate property in the newly built housing societies and already established ones. Thus, the prices will have a positive impact on the investors in real estate who are seeking long-term profit by investing in the real estate of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.


Many development projects are underway on the Rawalpindi ring road such as places for education facilities and health facilities. Moreover, recreational and areas for sports are also focused on in this project. The industrial sector will benefit greatly which is the main contributor to GDP. This mega project is going to have a huge impact directly and indirectly on the real estate and housing sectors which will have positive growth. The commercial and business sectors will benefit hugely from the improvement of communication facilities for the easy and quick supply of commodities and services. Therefore, we can say that the ring road will contribute towards the increase in GDP through the industry and GNP through the growth in commercial activities, and real estate and will bring a slight improvement towards human development indicators through improvement in health and education facilities.

On the other hand, the plantation of 150,000 trees around the ring road is going to be crucial for curbing the environmental impact that will come after the increase in infrastructure development and housing. This will be also important as we do not want to have Rawalpindi city emitting greenhouse gases more than our environment can absorb.

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