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People find it very confusing to convert the land into plots. When it comes to land conversion for plotting the process is so confusing that we only see a lot of numbers that absolutely make no sense at all. But now this article will serve as your guide to convert the land into plots and do it in an exact way. Now you do not need to see further but just note down the details of how to convert the size into plot measurements. It is also very important since you have to calculate many things in real estate according to the land measurement. For example, if you want to calculate the cost of your house or develop your house it will be dependent on the measurement of land. So, we need to learn about these land measurements.

Units of Land Measurements in real estate

Marla is one of the most frequently used terms we hear every time we inquire about a building project or plot. This is the unit that is used across the subcontinent and first came to be used by the British during the British Raaj in India. It is equal to 272.25 square foot which is 30.25 square yards and 25.29 square meters. Square feet are also a unit of measuring areas, which is equal to a foot on all sides.

A square meter is also a measure that is used in determining the size of rooms, houses, and blocks of land. A square yard is also a unit of measurement which uses yards on all sides of the square. Whereas, square inch is the unit of measurement which uses one inch on all sides of the square. Then we have acres, which are widely used in UK and USA. One acre is equal to 4,840 square yards. For example, 640 acres is equal to one square mile. Besides these well know units of measure we also have other units that are used in place of marla. These include Karam which is 5 feet, one square karam is equal to 25 square feet. One marla is also equal to 9 square Karam.

Then there is the famous Kanal which is equal to 20 marlas. After that, we have one bigha which is equivalent to 4 kanals. One killa is equal to 8 kanals and for bigger chunks of land, we have one murabba which is equivalent to 25 acres. 2.5 acres is also equal to one hectare. After hectare, we also have Lat which is the equivalent of 2.47 acres. More than Lat we also have square murabba which is equal to 24 acres.

Units of land measurement in provinces of Pakistan

In our country, we have four provinces that have a lot of differences as compared to each other on the basis of topography and geography. Therefore, the land measurement units are different in every province. We use different scales for measuring lands across the country.

Punjab, KPK, and Sindh  

Karam is used widely in the province of Punjab, KPK, and Sindh which is equal to 5.5 feet. Marla is obviously another land measuring unit that is used. But the Bigha is another measure that is equivalent to 4 Kanal. 8 Kanal of land is equal to one Keela which is also quite often used in the agriculture setting of Punjab and other provinces. Where 1 murabba is equal to 25 keels. One keel is a measured rectangular shape instead of square, it is 43,560 square feet. Biswa is also used as another measuring unit which is equal to 15 square Karam, so 12 Biswas make 1 Kanal. But a lot of these measurements are not used in the Balochistan province.


In Balochistan province, we have Karam and square Karam but instead of other measuring units, we have Pole which is 9 square Karam or 272.25 square feet. Another measuring unit is known as Rod which is equal to 40 Pole or 10890 square feet. 4 Rod is equal to 1 acre or 43560 square feet.


Most of the basic units of land measurement were enforced during the British Raaj and have been used all over the world ever since then. But some others are used in places such as the US and France where the hectare was introduced. On the other hand, we have a few units which we use in places such as Balochistan and also in other provinces of Pakistan. Therefore, the units of land measurement are exclusive to the country and geographical location but a lot of them are used all over the world to measure the land.

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