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Bahria Town, phase 8 business district has become a hub of high rise development projects. The business district itself has been modeled after Blue Area Islamabad and Sheikh Zayd Road Dubai. Both of these places have been commercial centers and attracted a lot of financial investment. A similar strategy is being used in Bahria Business District in order to promote the housing society as well as increase the domestic commercial activity. It is a great opportunity for the investors and many people have invested in these projects. One of these projects is named Evershine Heights which is being developed by ESPA Builders.

Evershine heights Owner & Developers

ESPA Builders have been present in the real estate market since 2008, and it dealt with real estate, housing and high rise construction. The previous housing projects of ESPA in Bahria Town phase 7 and 8 show case the success as well as experience of ESPA’s work.

Evershine Location 

Evershine Heights is located adjacent to Statue of Liberty and is the first project in the Business District area. Other landmarks closer to it are the Dominion Mall and Lake view area. The project after completion will have the best view in the Business district due to its open location giving it a vantage point.

Evershine Floor Plan  

Evershine Heights is a ground plus seven floors building. The lower ground floor of Evershine Heights consists of 8782 sqft area with 35 shops, and each shop is allocated 172 to 420 sqft.  The ground floor is also 8782 sqft with 192 to 725 sqft to shops which are 17 in number. Whereas, the 1st floor has 8822 sqft land and 138 to 252 sqft allocated to 48 units in the IT Zone. The second floor also has 8822 sqft with 48 shops given 252 to 725 sqft. On the third floor the total area is 8822 sqft and allocation given to 30 offices between 150 to 254 sqft. Fourth floor has 8618 sqft and has 21 hotel suites and one bed apartments allocated between 257 to 512 sqft.  On the fifth floor there is a total area of 8618 sqft along with 21 hotel suites and one bed apartments with the same allocation given on the fourth floor. But on the sixth floor the total area is 8784 sqft with 12 units of one to two beds apartments having 384 to 1390 sqft area. On the top floor there is 8618 sqft area with 22 units in the food court having 110 to 226 sqft area.

Evershine Nearby Landmarks & Places

Besides the Dominion Mall, Statue of Liberty and Lake view other landmarks and close places include the Eiffel Tower, Allama Iqbal Junction, and in the future the business district will become the place for international hotel brands such as Pearl Continental which will be situated right besides Evershine Heights. The location will also have Hotel Ramada, and Hotel Hilton in the vicinity which are international hotel brands.

Evershine  NOC

The project has been awarded NOC from the RDA and Bahria Town which is the fact that it has become a source of attraction for investors due to its legal status.

Evershine Master Plan

The master plan of Evershine is a depiction of a modern infrastructure which resembles high rise building projects of developed countries. The building will have certain facilities and amenities which will only be available to a well developed building having modern architecture. These facilities and amenities will bring luxurious and comfortable life style to the residents.

Evershine  Payment Plan

One of the most important things in a project are its payment plan which compels the investor to make an investment without feeling the cringe afterwards. The payment plan of Evershine Heights has one bed room units starting from 41,12,000 rupees, two bed room apartments with a starting price of 7450,000 rupees and hotel suites starting from 41,12,000 rupees. The shops start with a price of 4835,000 rupees, offices start with a price range of 39,99,000 rupees and food court unit bearing the same amount as well.

Evershine  Salient Features

The building has a marvelous design and its construction has installed a system which makes it lightening proof, it also has a fire proofing system and a evacuation room for exit in case of an emergency. Other features include the building material which has been imported from Canada.

Evershine  Amenities

One of the amenities of Evershine Heights is that it has 24 hours CCTV security surveillance system in the building. It has smart security system for the residents and also other amenities such as indoor gym, beauty salon, gold souk, mosque, parking lot and cinema.

How to Book apartment in Evershine

For booking an apartment in Evershine Heights people have to simply visit the office where they need to fill out a booking form, provide CNIC and then their booking is endorsed by a stamp paper. This legalizes the payment for booking. The down payment is 25% of the total cost, but is flexible and can be customized.

why to invest in Evershine

The project offers a good return on investment and is a very profitable off plan property option. It has a total profit rate of 22% with 12% rental and 10% annual appreciation. This makes it a very suitable option for people who are looking for a monthly rental on investment as well as for long term investors who seek to resell. The company also buys back from the customer after one year.

Evershine Pros & Cons

There are a lot of pros of buying apartment in the Evershine Heights which includes the fact that it is located in the vicinity of Bahria Town that is one of the most developed housing societies in Pakistan. Secondly it will be present in the business district that will be a valuable place in the coming future. Another important reason to invest in Evershine is the amenities and facilities which make it a viable option for the residents and investors alike. Moreover, the payment option for the buyer has flexible conditions that make this a very profitable option.


Evershine residency and mall has an appeal for the investors and residents. This is the reason which has established this project among one of the top projects in the business district. A huge number of people have already booked a great number of units in the building. It speaks highly of the prospects which are attracting a lot of real estate investors towards Evershine Heights.

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