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Trends in the Real Estate Industry of Pakistan

Table of Contents Digitalized Real Estate High-rise Lifestyle Eco-friendly Construction Eco-friendly Housing societies and projects in Pakistan: Park View City Mivida City Golf Empire Green Architecture Regulation of Temperature Healthy Environment High ROI Luxurious Apartments Affordability Nuclear family Easy Maintenance Gated Communities Secure and peaceful Provide luxury and essential amenities Tech-equipped lifestyle Conclusion What comes...

Serviced Apartments | Pros & Cons of Serviced Apartments

  Introduction Reasons to live in a Serviced Apartment Fully Furnished Clear Prices Affordable Living Some features to look for in a Serviced Apartment Location Comfy Bed Equipped Kitchen Best Serviced Apartments in Islamabad Royal Serviced Hotel Envoy Continental Hotel Reina Boutique Hotel Esquire 2 Hotel and Apartment 5 Pros of Serviced Apartments Guaranteed Rental...

Things that Decrease the Value of your Home

CONTENTS Introduction How to increase the value of your home? House Maintenance Keep Your House Clean Keep the Exterior of your House Glowing Decorate and Update Interior Designing How to find the value of your home? The Neighborhood Location Nearby Facilities Age of the House Does a privacy fence increase the value of your home?...

Overseas Investment in Pakistan

     Contents Introduction Overseas Investment in Pakistan Best Overseas Investment OPF_ Overseas Pakistani Foundation Overseas Enclave, Bahria Town Lahore Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Investment in Pakistan KSA Investment in Real Estate of Pakistan Best Return on Investment Opportunities in Pakistan 1Real Estate 2 Bank Deposits and Investment Companies 3 Stock Market 4 Foreign Exchange...

The Impact of Rawalpindi Ring Road on Real Estate and beyond

Rawalpindi has once deemed a city which had many opportunities for development but political turmoil and instability in the country led to a lack of development in this area. The Potohar region on the whole lacks any significant agriculture activities and industrial development also did not take root in the region either. However, the recent...

Dubai Expo 2020 and its impact on Real Estate

The Dubai expo 2020 was a move by the UAE to lift up the dwindling economic prospects of the country. It has worked towards that objective very well since there has been an inflow of 122 billion Dirham in the country. Most importantly over 400 restaurants and many hotels and apartments have started off their...

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