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history23rd March 1940_ Pakistan’s Resolution Day

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23rd March 1940 marks Pakistan’s Resolution Day, also well known as Republic Day of Pakistan. It is a national holiday that is celebrated every year in the reminiscence of the resolution passed on 23rd March 1940, and the implementation of the first constitution of Pakistan. During the allocation of the Federation of Pakistan to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 23rd March 1956, Pakistan became the first Islamic republic in the world. The day is celebrated all over Pakistan as a national holiday.




23rd March is a public holiday observed all over Pakistan. This day embraces a great significance for the citizens of Pakistan as it had laid a foundation of Pakistan for the first time and the Resolution of Pakistan was approved on this very day. A resolution was held at Manto Park, Lahore in 1940. This resolution was a milestone in the history of the Independence of Pakistan as all Muslims settled on making a separate nation where they can live peacefully according to the principles of Islam.

Before Independence Day, Muslims and Hindus used to live together in the subcontinent as one Nation. During that period Muslims suffered a lot socially, politically, economically, and majorly religiously.  So that was the time when Muhammad Allama Iqbal saw a dream of a separate nation for the Muslims of the Subcontinent.

It was the day when the Founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah decided to make a separate nation. On 23rd March 1940, Jinnah presided a party session in which the All India Muslim League delivered a resolution that clearly demanded the creation of a distinct nation. Jinnah explained to the party members that Muslims are a separate nation as they are distinct based on cultural and political grounds from majority Hindus. He successfully won the debate and the resolution was then approved by the party members.

The resolution quotes as:

“No constitutional plan will be viable or tolerable to Muslims unless the geographic adjoining units are divided into territories that must be formed with such territorial changes as are necessary. Such areas where Muslims are numerically in majority, as in the north-western and eastern parts of India, should be assembled to form independent states in which partial units would be independent and sovereign.”

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This group photo was taken in Lahore in the same year the  Resolution was passed (1940), after dinner at the residence of Muslim League leader Mian Bashir Ahmed with Jinnah sitting in the middle.


Every year, on 23rd March, citizens of Pakistan celebrate Pakistan’s Republic Day with patriotic zeal and zest all over the country. The government organizes an astonishing event in the memory of struggles endeavoured by our esteemed political leaders and to give admiration to this special day as well. The Grand celebration is held in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. The chief guest of the event is generally the president of Pakistan, the prime minister along with other bureaucrats, military chiefs, and the ministers attend the celebration as well.

This day is celebrated every year as a public holiday across the country. The Armed forces of Pakistan usually hold a military parade to celebrate the adoption of both the Lahore Resolution as well as the adoption of the first-ever constitution of Pakistan (1956 Constitution). The parade involved all three armed service branches i.e. the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force, including the Army’s Strategic Command Force, which copes ground-based nuclear weapons.  The President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan are escorted by the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Army Chief, Naval Chief, and Chief of Air Force, along with foreign guests. It is prearranged by the Joint Staff Headquarters.

On the same day, Republic Day parades are often a major part of the celebration by the military forces. A full inter-service joint military parade is practised and broadcast the celebration live on national news media across the country. Pakistan Military Inter-Service force also shows its strength and capabilities during the parade. Before 23rd March, the military Jets rehearse aerial acrobatics for the Military parade on the Resolution Day of Pakistan. On this special day, a Team well-known as ‘Sherdil Acrobatic Team’ performs Aerial Acrobats. Moreover, the Parade is instructed by the parade commander, a senior officer in the Army unit. During the parade, various Military equipment as well as aircraft are unveiled.

After the parade, the President presents national awards and medals to the recipients in the Presidency. Besides, the national flag is being hoisted during the celebration and also hoisted on various government buildings and houses.

  • The main reason for passing the resolution was the ‘Two-Nation Theory.
  • Muslim demand for their protection of political, economic, religious, and cultural Rights.
  • The idea of a separate homeland by Allama Iqbal and Chaudary Rehmat Ali.
  • To get rid of the oppression of British rule and the Congress leadership.
  • The Congress Rule from 1937 to 1939 compelled the Muslims to pass the resolution to request for a separate homeland.
  • The passing of the resolution was one of the significant steps for the Muslim League towards freedom of the Muslims of the subcontinent.
  • This resolution proposed a rational and fair solution for the Two-Nation Theory.
  • It gave enthusiasm and a vast vision to the Muslims for demanding a separate nation where they could practice their faith freely and peacefully.
  • The Resolution united all the Muslims of the subcontinent together to demand a separate homeland.
  • This resolution helped the Muslims to get rid of the oppression of the British and the Hindus governance.

In a nutshell, it clears the significance of 23rd March to the citizens of Pakistan as it reminds the importance of the Resolution passed in 1940. Moreover, it is a landmark in the history of Pakistan as it gave a solid foundation to the cause of freedom of Pakistan. Further, this day stirs up the nation to stand firmly, steadily and integrated against all encounters with courage and willpower.

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